Under the cave of winds
Untitled Art Society, June 30 to September 23, 2017.

Under the cave of winds centers on a black and white 16mm film that traces the contours of a narrative of entrapment enmeshed in erotic aesthetics, against an austere geological formation by the sea. The installation includes sculptural works, a ready-made rock, textile works, a large-scale photo-based work on vinyl, the book Orgazing and an original sound work by Cosima Friesen.

Born of research and work undertaken while in residency at CCA Glasgow in 2014, Under the cave of winds functions like a portal, wherein art, ecology and politics collide. The overarching script of the project narrates the tribulations of a fictional female protagonist, an artist, scholar, and whistleblower detained on Staffa island. She is held captive on the Scottish island for initiating a new trend in research, where knowledge production goes beyond linguistics and graphicism to become pure sound—singing and humming, as birds do.

A kidnapping, love letters, an Antonionesque reverie, the film depicts a woman in ambiguous captivity, her endeavor to make works, her epistolary exchanges with an unknown correspondent, and her escape out of a monumental cave. Both in film and writing, the project makes use of metaphors of the cave as a mean to propose an escape from the idealized representations of women in Western art.