Yaniya Lee
The Life of Things
Canadian Art, Toronto 2019

Rosemary Heather
The Best of Toronto Art Shows Fall 2019
Now Toronto, Toronto 2019

Eva Morrison
Archi-Féministes! Publication Review
Yiara magazine, Montreal 2019

Adi Berardini
Sorry I'm busy: the meticulous art of capricorns
Femme Art review, London 2019

Vincent Bonin
Some Other Refusals
Canadian Art magazine, Toronto 2018

Marie-Ève Charron
Françoise Sullivan: la peinture fait ce qu'elle veut
Le Devoir, Montreal 2018

Maeve Hanna
Maryse Lariviere:Under the Cave of Winds
The Sense & Society, London 2018

Elisabeth Hill
Garden Gossip: Secret Worlds and Private Stories
The Wanderer, Calgary 2017

Penelope Smart
Sad Songs and Strange Birds
Canadian Art magazine, Toronto 2017

Cheyanne Turions
Evocative and Futile Fantasies of Nature Tamed
Hyperallergic, Montreal 2016

Alex Bowron
Book review: Where Wild Flowers Grow
ESSE arts + opinions, Montreal 2015

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Top 3 of 2015: Telling Things
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Talking Back, Otherwise
University of Toronto, Toronto 2015